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No Belles” performers (from left) Melissa Schenter, Kimberly Wilson, Michael Phillips, and Jade Strong.

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Excerpt for C&EN August 2017

Women’s Nobel stories are recounted on stage

A unique adjunct to last month’s ACS national meeting session on “Ladies in Waiting for Nobel Prizes: Overlooked Accomplishments of Women Chemists” was a performance of “No Belles,” a dramatic presentation on women Nobel Prize winners and nonwinners by the Oregon-based Portal Theatre.

The troupe conceived and developed the play independently and has presented it in other venues before. A grant from the ACS Divisional Activities Committee brought the performance to the ACS meeting, where “it was attended by 100 or so, who gave the performers a standing ovation,” said session co-organizer Vera V. Mainz.

“ ‘No Belles’ is one of the most effective means I have ever seen to communicate to nonscientists why one pursues a scientific career and why it matters,” Mainz added. “I believe everyone who attended reacted emotionally to one or all of the stories of the women scientists presented. I think ACS could do a great job of communicating these ideas to the public by coupling local section sponsorship of the ‘No Belles’ performance to local middle schools and high schools.” 

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