We make our own theatre


A life in the theatre is, more often than not, about waiting around for someone else to give you a job.  (It's called "the audition process.")  It's a bit like begging to be allowed to show your art.  We'd rather not.  We'd rather make our own, take our chances, and at the end of the day, have something we created, from the ground up.  Our art.  Our choices.  Our risks and rewards.

About our name

We value independence


We believe this with all our hearts:  artists do not need anyone's permission to create art.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with going the traditional route of applying for jobs, going to auditions, and hoping to get hired, we decide to create art on our own terms.  We value the ability to create what we want, when we want, and to perform it where we want.  

Our values

simple but not simplistic


Finally, we're a company with a pretty simple goal:  create one new work a year, then show it to people.  Tour it around.  Take it to festivals.  That simple goal, however, doesn't mean that our shows will be simplistic.  We want to do a range of eclectic works, in a variety of styles, about subjects that we really care about.  And, we believe that you'll care about too.  

It's all about the work


Simply put:  we want to make excellent theatre.  To that end, we experiment, we plan, we build, we dream.  Sometimes we dream big.  And while every dream (and every piece of theatre) has its risks, we'd rather fall on our faces doing something we really love doing, than settle for anything else.

Portal.  noun:  a door, gate or entrance.  A way in.  Any entrance or access to a place.


Theatre is all about accessing new places, new people, new ideas, new stories.  The company enters into new worlds by exploring these things - we look for a doorway, a way in.  And we build a show about that.

Then, we invite our audience to walk through the door with us.  To enter into this new world, explore its contours, its uniqueness, and its surprises.  You might not always know what's on the other side, but we invite you to step through, to explore, to experience this new world.

We also believe in passing it on.  So, we hope that Portal Theatre will eventually be a gateway for other new and exciting companies to begin their journey, to find a way in.

Our Mission

We’re Small by design


Honestly, while we want as many people as possible to see our work, we choose to be a small theatre company.  We're nomadic (and have no plans for a permanent building), we plan to keep the company size to a select handful of people, are our shows aren't designed to play in huge houses.  We like intimacy, we like tales told well, we won't have a "season," and we'll rarely do more than one new show a year.  We like it that way.

Portal Theatre is a group of artists dedicated to making exciting, challenging and eclectic new theatre on a variety of topics that are socially and culturally relevant.  Through our company-created works, we engage in conversation with our audiences in ways that are both illuminating and entertaining.

We have a tribal mentality 

One pretty good definition of theatre is that it involves actors, a playing space, and an audience.  The audience is really important to us.  We want our audiences to be a part of what we do, through giving us feedback, supporting us, and being part of our tribe.  We're serious about that.  Jump in!

we believe in entrepreneurship


Theatre is an art, yes.  But, a theatre company is also a business.  We embrace that, and we're learning everything we can to make the business of theatre successful.  And, in the long term, we hope to be an incubator of sorts for up and coming companies, to help them succeed.  We believe in paying it forward, in every way we know how.

It's not just about us


Part of the motivation in starting the company was to prove that, with the right amount of desire and determination, this can be done!  And, we want to be a group that encourages that artistic spirit in others.  So, the long range goal is to act as a resource for others who want to go on a similar journey.